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Notice for the reseller

we have add new button on the reseller pannel

is the reset button .

if your customer tell you his code was stolen or his code have problem can not connect  since another connection already

so you can click reset button

the code will change last 4 digit .

then you can copy the code . send him agian

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  1. Daniel

    All channels play for couple min then repeat …. On qhdtv and iudtv…im using latest version of perfect player …what is the solution ?isvit from the server from the internet ?

    • leadcool

      i think maybe problem on your network but you can try our own apk try it

  2. amer

    very wonderful Thanks for this addition. THANKSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. Daniel

    Is iudtv down ?

  4. Samy

    Actually the Panel dont work?

  5. Pako

    I buy a code of IUDTV and worked a day that solution give me or where to claim

  6. Pako

    I have tried the app on 2 different devices and I do not get the list of channels now, it worked 1 day and now I do not go, I reinstalled the app and put the user code and password and nothing

    • leadcool

      which iptv do you use it .pleaes meail to :[email protected] .we will help you fix the problem

  7. boudjeroua

    beaucoup de coupure de beinsport dernièrement

  8. Khaled

    I used my new subscription for 6 days ant at wont work any more can you fix this for me.

    • leadcool

      hi .please email your account to [email protected] .we will help you check the account status

  9. Ken

    Can you please fix the Turkish channels a lot of them are not working.

  10. corburt erilio

    Very interesting points you have noted, thanks for posting.

  11. Hassan Tmaiza

    My reciver stop working … i got only green screen .what shall i do … i boight it almost 6 months ago

    • leadcool

      HI .please email to [email protected] .and send more information to us


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