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H265 Channel is avalible on the QHDTV for Mag256 box


we have add 36 channel H 265 channel on the portal2

if you use the mag256 box .you can view those channel .the h265 channel only work on the h265 box . if your box is mag254 or mag250 .only audio not video.

Channel list

Binsport 1 to 10,Ad sports 3 4 5,Bein FR 1 2 3 ,TF1,M6,Canal+ FR, canal+sport FR, Canal+ Decalre, Canal+ Family, Canal+cinema,Canal+series,Cine Frisson,OCs City ,Nat.geo.wild,sky sport 1IT,sky sport 2 it,Sky sport 3 It,Sky cinema it,Sky cinema Maxit,sky Uon it,Sky Formula it,Fox Crime it,Fox comedy it,Nat.Geo.People it.


QHDTV H265 channel on the mag256

QHDTV H265 channel on the mag256

  1. Qhdtv
    Alot of channels removed to new frequencies.
    Sama syria,wanasa, mbcmax, mbc 4 and other channels…

    Please you have to update your list…..

    Bein moves all chanells don’t working…

    Please you have to update and fix

    please please please

  2. Sama syria and wanansa removed to new frequencies….

    Please you have to update your sources

    i am from syria i payed for 1 year Qhdtv to watch surian channels

    sama syria removed to new frequence

    please please please

  3. Qhdtv 23 april

    Bein sports cant be broken today
    Lot of people waiting for the classico

  4. Qhdtv
    Music channels don’t working just like fm tv, aghanina, aghanie.

    Please along time don’t working

    Please fix it

  5. Qhdtv

    The whole server is down

  6. Please please please
    Qhdtv Please you have to update channels list

    You are the best
    Qhdtv the best Arabic iptv…

    Please add
    Seevii channels.
    Osn yahala cinema.
    Sham fm.

    Please you can do it
    You are the best

    Iud updated

    And when you will update qhdtv
    The best Arabic iptv

    Please add these chanells

    All the Arab world want these chanells

  7. Can i use stb emulator for h265 channels

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