One Free Apps is free download in Appstore

support Xtream code API .and EPG assgin model

i just test with the Free verstion ,if you need no advirte

here is the download link in appstore

you need install it in your iPhone or iPad

gse and install it on your iPhone setting ->xtream Codes Api

3. Add the IUDTV as the new server

4.input the server url username and password

you will enjoy it . please notice .this is free apps .it maybe have the Ads .

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  1. hello can you help me for the epg on enigma2 ?
    im have installed with the auto script but dont have the epg. with crossepg dont work the epg on the enigma2 iptv. thx for hel me

  2. how to add iudtv as the server, what do I need to type? what is the URL?

  3. Hello what is the iudtv the http://servername… ?


  4. If you want to continue and not failure should put the service’s response to customers 24 hours. Bad service Sometime and no one answers, we

  5. what about play list name
    how can i get it

  6. what about play list name
    how can i get it

  7. hi what is the username and password? I got iudtv 1 year subscription and I was using android device no password or username now I change my phone to iPhone I need username and password please help me, thanks

    • normaal .the usernamne is same the passwrod for the iudtv . and the code is he username

  8. Hi I have been using GSE Iptv app and xtream-codes API with username and password. But now i have only activation code. How do I do then to make it work

    • Hi .plese contact your seller .they will provdie the username and password

  9. hello I try to install the iudtv in my iPad with the gse smart iptv but I don’t understand where I can find the username or the password, what is the information I need to putt for the username or the password is the email address of my evybuy account, thanks for the support

  10. what is the URL for SUBTV? Thanks

  11. what is the URL for SUBTV for the appGSE IPTV? Thanks

  12. hi, for subtv what is server and port

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