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if some customer want the apk with remote contorl change the channel by up/down button

and want the new OSD menu

you can download the perfect player apk from here

after you install it on your android device

go to Seting->general->playlist

just put the url

then save .

you will enjoy the new OSD

thanks Hafed provide and test the apps!

Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-29 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-38 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-44 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-51 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-57 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-17-14 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-17-20 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-17-28 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-18-11 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-18-18 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-18-35

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  1. jfk78

    hello the link don’t work ???

  2. amer

    please i have some question about ip tv where man can chat with you i contact skype and facebook i dont have answer ?

  3. Ali

    Hello is it possible to have EPG link

  4. Daniel Mouacdie

    Ive been using perfect player over a month now and there are couple issues
    Box office isnt working en fr ar
    Some channels have issues with sound
    If you can help

    • leadcool

      if the channel only sound not pic .please go setting .change the decorder to H/W or Native
      you will get it work

  5. AHMED

    Iraqis in many European countries, including the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) Most of them, which does not cover satellite channel. But unfortunately QHDTV and also IUDTV does not contain a lot of Iraqi channels .I guarantee many sales if you add an Iraqi channels such as the Tunisian or Moroccan channels

  6. Moijoe

    Please fix Canal Sat channels. I wish to watch these channels.


  7. Schlitz

    Please add again l ‘index tv algeria channel


  8. Fred

    Hi, has anybody got the EPG working?

  9. BOU

    can you send new link for perfect player m3u list with new channel like sfr sport etc in canal sat thkx

  10. Christian Piek

    please fix qhdtv.. there are many problems lately…
    thank you

  11. margaretha teuscher

    i cannot install this apk, its blocked. error message: something with phone blocking

    • leadcool

      you need go app manager .and allow install the source from outside google market
      then try it agian

  12. Daniel

    is there a link for epg ?

    • leadcool

      hi .we not provdie the epg link

  13. Salah Abdel qader

    no any channal work
    any help here

    • leadcool

      plese contact us by email : [email protected] .provide your code .we will help you check it

  14. Daniel

    All channels play for couple min then repeat …. On qhdtv and iudtv…im using latest version of perfect player …what is the solution ?isvit from the server from the internet ?

  15. Nabil

    This player keep showing ads that cover the whole screen.

    • leadcool

      hi . this is free version . so it have the ads
      you can use our QHDTV apk insted it

  16. totopic

    Hi, please assist to get EPG for French channels? at least the link to manage.

  17. 02088001627

    Hi i have some problem with my leadcool android since monday the code has expire for 3 month I dont know what shal do to get new code

  18. totopic

    what is the link for m3u IUDTV ?
    i would prefer to use perfect player with this one, like i’m already doing with qhdtv


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