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after we clear the server .
now we active the EPG function on the IUDTV server.
will add the EPG and Logo in one month


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  1. Sasha.H

    Good job 🙂

  2. geomix

    is the server down ?

  3. amer

    best server and best price

  4. Yousuf

    Hallo ,

    Indian Programs like Sony us or zeetv or Star HD are getting repeated once it is played. Same program is repeated again and again…

    I hope you solve the issue


  5. Yeye

    Thank you
    Can you also stabilize skysport channels as they are not working during PLeague games…is it planned to add “SFR SPORT 1” ?

    Thanks for EPG/ logo

  6. Khaled Sheibani

    can you please add more sport channels to QHDTV

  7. T

    Server down? I have no channels since 10/9 2016

    • leadcool

      it under acctacked 4 hour .we have fix the problem

  8. Rebwar

    Server down again…..
    This is so bad feeling….
    There is no iformations……..

  9. Rebwar

    I suspect that is happening in football matches , because there are to many watching the channels.
    I hope so they will fix that.

  10. stefano

    I do not want to offend anyone, but I can not see anything, we hope you solve soon.

  11. Ladisa95

    I have no channels since 10/9/2016. The problem will be resolved?

  12. Alex

    Hello. When EPG to QHDTV?

  13. Chris

    maybe its a suggestion for not let the channels play in 1080p… they keep buffering during the matches

  14. Mark

    i dont know what happen with server very day most have problem . many channels not work i IUDTV and no anyone from the support answer. very bad

  15. Florin Ghidan

    How can I get EPG on MAG254?

  16. Shah husssin

    Epg & logo only on very few channels!

  17. edmundo

    How to use it with m3u?

  18. Rick


    I am using iudtv on a mag 256 but there still is no epg, while u pronounced on 08/31/2016 that it will work in a month.

    Will it ever work?

  19. Billel


    Do you know why i havent got EPG function on MAG250 ?


    • leadcool

      Yes .the epg will loading on mag25x device and smarttv automatic

  20. webnight

    hello how to can im get the epg on enigma 2 ?
    thx for help

  21. yann


    EPG dont work on french channel on android device. Can you fix that.



    • leadcool

      hi .we not add the french EPG on iuDTV .but we will add in future

  22. Richard


    most channels don’t have any sound for a week now

  23. [email protected]

    the servers are really shit.
    pay a lot and works almost never or bad. no good service.
    all football channels of benelux doesnt work or are gone of qhdtv

    • leadcool

      please call the seller .make the money refund . the netherland channel update on qhdtv .

  24. Niall O Loughlin

    Any sign of EPG for iudtv?

    • leadcool

      hi .only the sweden channel have the EPG now

  25. Michael

    Vpn is not working with iudtv. Is there a reason

    • leadcool

      if you use the vpn .maybe not security for your subscption .maybe will be stollen
      so we not suggest it

  26. Steve

    Hi, how do I get epg on Mag 256 please


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