1. Team. I lost my code whiel reseting my Andriod Device – how \where can I get my code back? Thanks for your help!


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  2. I’m very desapointed and upset of the very poor quality of your iptv registration and programs. It freezes all the time, and no way to Watch Chanels properly. I sent a request asking support team to fix this issue, nothing was done saying it’s could be my network provider, and it’s not the case because I have HighSpeed Internet & all other TV programs via website work prpoerly.

    • hi .if you with the 4G LTE network android phone .you can install the apk on your phone .use your code try it .check frezen or not ?
      if on 4G LTE not freezen .is mean your ISP not provide the real network for you
      so you need call your ISP provider and fix the problem

  3. Very Important information
    some Costumers have Problems with qhdtv
    but not all
    I test it by a costumer, he have good Internet Connection
    and the Stream is slow, it stopps
    we have reset the Modem, and its the same
    from my Mobile Phone with Hotspots it works
    i think its a gateway ore DNS Problem
    because 6 Costumers have the same Problem
    good Internet Connection and bad iptv stream
    please clear this problem because the costumers are very upset.
    this Problem exits 1 Week

  4. Hello my dear friend, my friend All my customer from Germany are having trouble chopping or freezing, just in Germany and sweden, please hope that the problem will be resolved soon, there are World Cup matches and everyone is suffering in Germany and sweden , please fix it

    • Its funny i have in Germany the same Problems. I cant understand why different Internet Service Provider habe this Problem. And when its only 1 Provider, i think ok change the Provider, but 3? I Think its Problem from leadcool. Hotspot is not a sulotion,

  5. I get the same problem and I will not buy any from uor iptv Codes any more
    U don’t solve the problem as it’s something important
    Ppl bought from u all over around the world even I sell codes to the USA and they got the same problem

    Pls fix it

  6. leadcool please find a solution, otherwise i must take for the future a other iptv provider. It costs a little bit more, but the streams works.

    For me its not a Solution to say to the Costumers use Hotspot on Phone ore buy vpn for over 10 Euro per Month.

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