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La fin de l’année approche, nous tenons à vous remercier pour la confience et le soutien que vous avez témoigné, à partir d’aujourd’hui, vous aurez une réduction après avoir commandé sur n’import quel produit chez notre magasin. Et vous pouvez gagner graduitement 7 jours LEADTV pendant la période de Noël après avoir aimé notre home page LEADCOOL et partagé ce post. Je vous aime beaucoup et gros bisou!!! PS: N’ouvbliez pas de nous envoyer à l’adresse ([email protected]), les images capturées sur l’écran dans lesquelles vous pourriez prouver que vous aurez aimé et partagé. (La promotion se terminera le 2 Jan 2017)


Thank you for your confidence and support for all of 2016, from today, you can get discount from our shop for buying any product. And every body can get 7 days LEADTV for free by liking our home page and sharing this post, and don’t forget that send me the images captured from the screen in where you can prove that you would have liked and shared to my email adress:[email protected]

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  1. Mario Disha

    can i use iud tv on 2 different android box with same number?and during live football matches it freeze a lot,what can i do?
    thank you

    • leadcool

      hi you can use it on 2 different box .but can not work on same time . if the channel freezen .please check your home network .

  2. Adam

    This is the best iptv in the world

  3. Kam

    Hello Leadcool
    If I do not want to sign up on facebook how can I participate?

    thanks for all

    • leadcool

      hi .this promation for the facebook. if you d not want sign up on facebook
      please directly contact us : [email protected] .get the test 1 days code

  4. [email protected]

    why VOD are not working on MAG 254
    always say Files Missing

  5. mag 250

    I bought you channels and you have played on the application run correctly on Android. Can you replace it on your MAG 250. Is Mag 250 closing at own company or you can use other servers when it ends subscribe thank you

  6. mag 250

    i have bought a subscription from you guys and used it on android and my question is can i use it on mag 250 with the same subscription ? and if i use it on my mag250 does the device lock on your portal because my device is multi portal


    • leadcool

      hello .which iptv you bouhgt ? if the leadtv .not support mag250 device

  7. corburt erilio

    Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “Management is nothing more than motivating other people.” by Lee Iacocca.


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