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IUDTV server upate finish

HI . now server IUDTV back online . thanks !

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IUDTV server Update need 2 hour offline

notice to all customer the IUDTV server make some update .will back in 2hours.

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IUDTV new Portal

some customer used the portal: . the DNS problem.cause can not loading the portal Please change the portal to: you will enjoy it agian thanks!

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QHDTV new Arabic Package add

QHDTV New Channel Add 1-Oman 2-Bahrain 3-DMC sport On-tv sport New

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GSE SMART IPTV PRO Free APPS on iPhone/iPad work with IUDTV SUBTV and WSTV

One Free Apps is free download in Appstore support Xtream code API .and EPG assgin model i just test with the Free verstion ,if you need no advirte here is the download link in appstore you need install it in your iPhone or iPad and install

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New QHDTV apk with EPG function is ready

After one Year run the server . QHDTV get too much customer like .and it is the best Arabic iptv in the world . we just test the new APK with epg funciton now . and will release soon on our site the Epg already add the

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IUDTV DNS problem was solved

hi we have test the DDOS protest on the Domian . cause some cuntry the DNS problem the problem was solved already . if you still not work with the APK .please clear the dns cache or call your network provider .and reset the network data thanks!

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IUDTV server maintance 20 minteus

IUDTV server maintance 20 minteus we can not notice all customer .please wait 20 minteus .server will back thanks!

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EPG Function is avalible on IUDTV

after we clear the server . now we active the EPG function on the IUDTV server. will add the EPG and Logo in one month

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IUDTV new Anti-Restreaming progame Active on server

Dear All value customer and reseller for improve the server quality .we have active the Anti-Restreaming progame on the server it will automatic blocked the subscirption when it occurs 1.the singal customer enter the same user name more than one client 2.when a clinet logs on the

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