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  1. VOD remains at loading status, while using SMART IP TV. However the same VOD works perfectly via Perfect player

  2. When be added Russia and Farsi to Smart TV clients?
    Its 3 months now and still nothing

  3. certain film du vod ne fonctionne pas:dragon lore curse of the shadow ect…

  4. film vod français ne marche pas,merci de faire le nécessaire

  5. USA package dont work for a week,UK package lot of channels dont work
    Poland package dont work
    Half of Turkish package dont work
    Lot of other channels in different packages dont work
    In Skype,nobody answers,in here nobody answers
    Still not added Russian and Farsi to Smart tv clients
    Why u spit on ur client faces?

  6. HELLO,
    some french chanel don’t work:
    discovery ID do’t work since 2 week.

  7. Qhdtv
    Sfr sport french no sound
    Please fix
    Channel sfr sport 1 fr

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