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After one Year run the server .

QHDTV get too much customer like .and it is the best Arabic iptv in the world .

we just test the new APK with epg funciton now . and will release soon on our site

the Epg already add the Mag25x device .

more stable and more fast loading。

the download link

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  1. Ahmad

    When is soon please ?

  2. Gamhim

    stop using other service and try it, you will see the iptv with an other demansion .

    but dear Team add more German chanels with Epg, and very important the logos, like this you will be The one and only
    the 100% the best,

    gys tray it 😉

  3. Gamhim

    i forgot something , the best over,realy nice nice nice
    and and incredibal kind and friendly service

    greeting for the Egle Leadcool 🙂

  4. Nabil

    I have the leadTV now but it is not good at all, as it keep disconnecting and today not working at all. I want to try QHDTV to make sure its better. Is this the best one for Arabic mpvies sports channelsÉ
    Please send me atrial version. I have android box that has stalker, Kodi and iptv player. Let me know please

  5. Adam

    Just installed but not working. Needs to be fixed.also from yesterday many chanels are not working

    • leadcool

      hi .please check your code .the code not work on 2 device on same time

  6. Adel

    I tried the new QHDTV2 it is really very nice that is what we were waiting for a long time thank you for this great job!!! one thing i found when comparing it with the old one is that the buffering for bein sports is not like the old one it keep freeze then accelerate is there any fix for that soon?.

  7. Sami

    Hello Team Thanks for the new APP , but can you solve the Provlem with Customers they have Static IP Adress? Sometimmes they cant watch and must reset the Modem for 24 Hours to get a new IP Adress. Some Cable Internet Costumers have this Problem. Can you Deactivate it???

    • leadcool

      hi .we have problem on the static ip .but if the ip was blocked by cloudflare .we can not help

  8. totopic

    Android interface is very/too-much simple and not friendly.
    We are missing an option for setup,
    It start always on beinsport arabic, what is not suitable for me.
    Waiting for an update to start subscription.

  9. Salah Abdel qader

    i pay it for 1 years for kodi and i no any channel work
    i pay with paypal
    i have this problem about 3 week ago and i didnt have any help
    if i have same problem i will make paypal Buyer Protection.
    i send email and i do evrything but is no help here

    • leadcool

      the QHDTV KODI plugin is problem on DNS .
      before we release the new PLugin .please use the M3u .or android APK on your box or computer.
      you can contact seller get the m3u file

  10. ibenrejeb


    I install then new APK QHD TV2 on my Android Phone (SamSung Galaxy S4 v5.0.1)and this new version not work on my phone (black screen).
    I never have any problem with the older version but I want EPG.

    Do you know the problem ? Have you a solution to resolve it ?

    Thanks a lot.

    • leadcool

      hi .the APk have some bugs .we are working on the New version
      when it finish .we release it

  11. ims

    when the code is expired, the app will not be able to turn on,a circal spinning in the center, remote not doing no way to enter the new code without uninstall then install again, please fix the bug

  12. Ahmed A

    The QHDTV has become more remarkable with new APK. But please be added more Iraqi channels, or isolate the Iraqi channels in one side as it is for the countries of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco

  13. Momo

    I installe the new qhdtv 2 and ihave uninstall the old one but the qhdtv 2 apk doesnt work ihave the name of channels but when i click on it i have juste a black screen without stream help please

    • leadcool

      hi .the qhdtv 2 apk is design for the andorid tv box . maybe some phone not work .

  14. Ahmed H

    The new QHDTV2 APK isnt work with all android tv box. I have many friend that they have for.exp. Minix neo u1 and KIII android tv box come only black screen . With me i have Himedia pro q10 , its work well .

  15. Yazan Annab

    is it possible to change the epg language. most of the channels epg is in French

  16. unknown

    I have Leelbox S1 and also qhdtv2.apk not working only blackscreen. please fix it


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